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A Show By Any Other Name Would Be Just A Spin-off

“There is nothing new in art except talent,” words by Anton Chekhov that I was forced to look up because I’ve already cited Ecclesiastes in a prior post. They’re also words that I feel forced to grasp firmly on to as I’m faced with the deluge of television spin-offs soon to flood your televisions and my laptop with more and more of the same. With that being the worst case scenario, of course.

That being said, I’m going to try my best to take the stance I typically take on these sorts of things, which is that ultimately execution trumps everything else. Chances are that you wouldn’t have thought that a movie about a guy with his arm trapped under a rock would be able to hold your attention, but 127 Hours is great. The premise of a work of art does not damn it, though it certainly colours how audiences choose to approach and experience that work. Continue reading

2 Broke Girls, S3E6 “And the Piece of Sheet”: A TV Review

I had written this whole intro about how 2 Broke Girls is so slow to address trends while they’re still hot [see the Kickstarter and cronuts episodes] because I saw the above promo pic with Oleg twerking, but I’ve just finished the episode and didn’t see a single twerk. That’s all mildly disappointing, somehow.

Last week in the Stray Observations I promised that I’d share a “theory” with you about Max, and in thinking on how to write about it I realized that it’s not so much a theory as it is a strange realization about the character. To put it simply, we’re constantly regaled by the show about what a terrible childhood Max had and how promiscuous she is now, but none of that is ever backed up. In this episode she jokes about losing NuvaRing birth control in the lettuce, but when’s the last time she actually had sex on the show? Certainly not so far this season. As far as I can remember not at all last season . . . Continue reading

2 Broke Girls, S3E4 “And the Group Head”: A TV Review


This week’s episode offers up something a little new, and that takes the form of Luis [pictured above], the replacement for the day waiter we never got to meet. Portrayed by Federico Dordei he is flamboyantly gay, a waiting “lifer” of 27 years who doesn’t get attached, and someone I found to be painfully funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of crude stereotypes, but Luis was particularly endearing to me because of the raw energy the character had, some of which he directed into asserting his refusal to be a part of the girls’ drama. He also made the observation that “Max is funny, look at her. Aww, funny to mask the pain,” and this really made me think about all the references she’s constantly making to her horrific childhood and life up to this point.

Continue reading

2 Broke Girls, S3E3 “And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank”: A TV Review


Last week I mentioned how what originally drew me to 2 Broke Girls was its premise, that of two girls down on their luck, doing anything they can to get by. This week I’m faced with the fact that they’ve pretty much thrown it out the window, and that I just may be okay with that.

This isn’t a show that is ever going to be laugh-out-loud funny, at least to me, but this episode made me grin a number of times, and didn’t even mention money once. You don’t have to search much further for criticism about a show “forgetting its purpose” than one hour earlier on CBS. How I Met Your Mother has a very distinct goal, and one they’re finally getting around to in the ninth and final season, and while we complained about how long they were taking we also got more than a few hilarious episodes out of the seasons leading up to what will be the finale. When a premise has been so clearly stated [in the title, no less], can we forgive a show for setting it aside to make us laugh? Continue reading