2 Broke Girls, S3E10 “And the First Day of School”: A TV Review


Mark from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23Mark from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23Mark from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23Mark from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23Mark from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

I could care less about anything else right now, but I suppose I have standards to maintain, so let me begin by stating that last week’s episode, “And the Pastry Porn”, could have easily been a mid-season finale. It ushered in a new era of 2 Broke Girls episodes that rounds out the cast, changes up the premise, and feels like an entirely different sitcom.

In fact, I have a few other suggestions they could make in order to become a show I would never stop watching ever:

  • Replace Kat Dennings with Krysten Ritter, new nickname “Chloe”.
  • Have Dreama Walker step in for Beth Behrs; she now goes by her middle name “June”.
  • Keep Eric Andre, but maybe change his name from Deke to something simpler, like Mark.
  • The show can stay set in New York; don’t fix what ain’t broken.
  • I’m thinking that this could use some star power from the 90s . . . maybe one of those kids from Dawson’s Creek. How about Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek!


Oh, wait, that’s just Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, isn’t it . . .

*sigh* Ah well. There’s no point crying over spilled milk, or sitcoms that ABC airs out of order before eventually ceasing airing episodes altogether halfway through the second season. What we should really focus on here is that right now 2 Broke Girls feels like something else entirely and that is not at all a bad thing.

For one thing, the surprise party that the diner gang throws Max for her first day of school is rife with really great character interaction. Sophie and Luis meet for the first time, and they snipe at each other like you would expect a Polish cleaning business owner and a gay Latino day waiter to. Everyone ignoring the fact that it’s Caroline’s first day working at the office is just the icing on the cake. “Caroline, please, I can’t hear Han talking about Max, okay.”

bebethebestLater, at the pastry school, we have the neurotic Bebe, who I hope will be around for a very long time. Mary Lynn Rajskub does a fantastic job playing unhinged in a really subtle manner, delivering lines like “I have some workout clothes you can wear! Don’t worry, I haven’t worn them yet. But I will someday,” with just the right amount of unstable emotion. Also at the school is, of course, Mark. Sorry, I meant Deke, played by Eric Andre formerly of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

I’ve always thought that Andre resembled a half-Black Andy Samberg, and he channels the other actor pretty hard in this episode, really cranking up the smarm and manboyishness. After the minor hiccup of Max getting her first day of school gift stolen [a new book bag and a pencil case full of weed] the second hurdle she must face is “Big Deke” and his tendency to keep her off track.

In a lot of ways everything about this is absolutely the right fit for Max. I’ve harped on her being needlessly immature in the past, but putting her in an actual class with other students distracting her makes her character really work. Not only that, but we have the hilariously unaware teacher in Chef Nicolas: “I always keep the edge clean so when I’m squeezing it, is not gonna have cream popping all over the place.”


Best shirt ever, or best shirt ever?

This episode was mostly setting up how things are going to work with Caroline pairing off with Bebe in the office and Max having to deal with Deke and his working hard to get them paired up in class. As far as status quos we have Caroline really working to keep from being ignored, which she makes hilarious because she’s Beth Behrs dangit. Oh, and her romance with Chef Nicolas is chugging along have you seen that guy’s body? The image on the right is more than a bonus for yours truly.

Overall this show is doing better [for me] than it has since the Season 1, and I’m excited to see what’s ahead. Once upon a time I had a whole post planned about how the reason I didn’t like 2 Broke Girls was because it wasn’t Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, but I’m honestly okay with that now. It’s not the same show as Don’t Trust the B, and it’s not even the same show it was three episodes ago. It’s something different, and in this case change is definitely a good thing.

Current Total: $2.50.

New Total: $114.50 [Not sure how they’re profiting at all considering all their earnings go towards Max’s schooling, but whatever I guess].

The Title Refers To: Why would you even need to ask this. It’s Max’s first day at the pastry school. C’mon.

Stray Observations:

  • Max and Caroline do not get subway etiquette. I had to keep myself from yelling “WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO GET OFF FIRST!” at the screen.
  • “You are the devil; the devil! We have nothing. Pull, Max! Pull from the devil!”

  • How does Deke feel about being diabetic? “Disappointing. I put in for syphilis.” 
  • “Enough with the dirty jokes, we all here to become master bakers.”
  • Caroline: “Aww, thank you guys. I’m touched. I was not expecting it.”

    Sophie: “Really? ‘Cause you kind of bullied us all into it.”

  • The back of the Cocker Spaniel shirt Caroline was wearing said “Don’t forget to spay and neuter me” on the butt.
  • “Sad dog, your juices are ready.”
  • Max’s joke that made me feel legitimately uncomfortable: “I like the entertainment. It’s better than the magician at my friend Stephanie’s 16th birthday that made her virginity disappear.” For real, if there was anything that would stop me from watching this show it’s the constant pedophilia jokes. Quit it, CBS; seriously.
  • 2 Broke Girls Beefcake Menu: Chef Nicolas. That is all.

3 responses to “2 Broke Girls, S3E10 “And the First Day of School”: A TV Review

  1. I had basically the same reaction you did to seeing Eric Andre. As a character he seems to be in it for the long haul and I really hope he is. In fact, I will be legitimately upset if he is only around for a few episodes. The most upsetting thing to me about the cancellation of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 is that we never got a satisfying conclusion to Mark and June’s relationship. I was foreseeing a long drawn out story arc after they finally had sex but the show was cancelled and my world became bleak and meaningless. All that to say I am very excited to have more Eric Andre in my life.

    My favorite moment this episode was when Max said “We’re just master baking furiously over here!” The number of double entendres this episode just filled me with joy.

    Is it just me or was that dog shirt kind of 3D? I mean, I could swear the nose was like coming out at me. Either way, that shirt was fantastic. Given that that shirt is considered work out clothes by Bebe I can’t wait to see more of her eccentricities.

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