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4 Reasons Why Marriage is Worth the Risk (Even in the Age of Ashley Madison)

Wow, look at that. John and I made it through two years of marriage without cheating on each other. Someone should probably give us a medal.

But seriously, doesn’t everything about Ashley Madison make marriage sound awful?

As a married person, I can’t help but be interested in the Ashley Madison scandal (even if I find the privacy invasion more than a little disconcerting). It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of spouses who have been betrayed by their significant other, and also fascinating to read various reasons why some individuals digitally invest in finding an affair. It’s also made me furious to read about Christian leaders who thought they could pull the “I’m forgiven, therefore there are no consequences” card when their Ashley Madison accounts were revealed.

If you based your opinion about marriage on what you hear in the news then you might think that it’s a pretty terrible deal. That’s why, for this post, I’m giving you 4 reasons why marriage is da bomb.

1) Someone always has your back

I have a lot of examples of this in our short marriage. John has served as my excuse to get out of lame events, and he has come along with me when there was no way out. We tag team in social conversations. We help each other out with jobs and homework and balancing life in between it all.

Today especially, I was reminded how lucky I am.

For the past few months I’ve been running a summer kids program. Today was our wrap-up party and John agreed to come help by leading some field games. As I was struggling to check in nearly 200 kids (while also coordinating food and drinks) I looked up and saw this.

2015-08-25 15.14.41_censored

Even with their faces censored out this photo makes me laugh!

Seeing a mob of children chase my husband made me smile, not just because it was hilarious, but also because they were having so much fun. John is so great with kids, and today he saved my butt. He made a mediocre party into a party they will all remember. I mean, how often do you get to chase a guy around  a field trying to stomp on a piñata? Continue reading

Did Mayweather Just Kill Boxing?

I watched the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

As a feminist, hearing about Mayweather’s history of domestic violence should have driven me to boycott the match. Unfortunately, as a fight fan, knowing about Mayweather’s behaviour also made me want to watch the fight; I really wanted to see him be defeated.

Every punch that Pacquiao landed was satisfying, even though having watched it makes me feel like a terrible person.

While I disagree with Pacquiao’s hard line stance against birth control of any kind, it was easy to root for a guy who consistently pours the money he wins back into his community and a variety of charities. Reportedly, Pacquiao will even be giving away half of the prize money he earned from his fight with Mayweather. 

Let’s also not forget how awesome it was that Pacquiao invited Jimmy Kimmel (dressed as Justin Bieber) to join him for his grand entrance.

Continue reading

Shame Day: Oh Sit!

Nowhere in this post do I shame them for the title of their show.The television industry has a lot to be ashamed of. Keeping us from watching Community and Young Justice for one, airing Here Comes Honey Boo Boo for another. Every now and then, however, they do something truly inexplicable.

For those of you who don’t watch a lot of American TV, The CW is a television network that hosts a lot of show featuring attractive young people, like The Vampire DiariesGossip GirlAmerica’s Next Top Model, et cetera. Last fall they decided that what they didn’t have enough of was game shows, and thus the idea of Oh Sit! was born. Watch this:

Oh Sit!
is essentially a combination of two things that I quite enjoy: musical chairs and the gameshow Wipeout. Knowing that, it should have been nothing but pure, unadulterated entertainment. Unfortunately, much like shrimp and pumpkin pie, not everything you love should be mixed together.

The network described the show in its announcement as:

“…a fun, high-stakes, high-octane musical chairs competition, in which 20 thrill-seeking daredevils race head to head through five physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair, to the sounds of a live band.”

In their review of the pilot episode, the A.V. Club’s TV Club

“…a show about musical f-cking chairs.”

I am not going to pretend I have watched even a full episode of the show. Thoroughly reading the above review has convinced me that it is not worth my time, and that I would probably not enjoy it. Gordon also said, in coming up with the Shame Day/Fame Day feature, that these would be short posts, so I strongly recommend just reading what they wrote.

The main reason I write this is because a little bit of browsing on Wikipedia has revealed that Oh Sit! was actually renewed for a second season. That’s at least ten more episodes of a show Variety‘s Brian Lowry described as feeling “like more of an ordeal than fun.” A second season of what the A.V. Club calls “yet another reality show that’s so depressingly static, so devoid of imagination, interest, or anything redeeming beyond a slightly promotable logline and a punny title.”

C’mon, CW. You’re better than this.