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2 Broke Girls, S3E9 “And the Pastry Porn”: A TV Review


You know how I’m always whining about how this show has no momentum as far as its story and how all I really want is for the characters to head in basically any direction? It’s like this entire episode was written to make me shut up already.

We start things out with this week’s zaaaaany character of the week, a one-armed maid named Paulina. I expressed some pretty heavy disdain with the fact that Max and Caroline would ever hire a cleaning lady, but the idea that Sophie cut them a good deal by assigning them an amputee was actually pretty funny. Continue reading

2 Broke Girls, S3E8 “And the ‘It” Hole”: A TV Review


If there is anything that 2 Broke Girls excels in doing it’s creating outlandish characters. Whether it’s Dennis Endicott III, the self-proclaimed Thrift Shop Scout and Brooklyn’s Crazy Kitsch Genius [“And the Window of Opportunity”], Cronut Craig the black market baked goods dealer [“And the Cronuts”], or the simply-named Catherine, who had altogether too many cats [“And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank”], these are individuals who stick with you in how truly zany they are.

This episode the girls’ travels to the latest restaurant, Harlow and Daughters, whose likely Mumford-and-Sons-inspired title aside is the setting for two brand new eccentrics. There’s Brian-Brian, the gay waiter in fashionably[?] old-timey garb and, one of my all-time favourites thus far, York the drinks waiter. It’s just York. “York as in York.” Continue reading