2 Broke Girls, S3E13 “And the Big But”: A TV Review


Welcome back to the CWR 2 Broke Girls Reviews, everyone! Did you miss the show? Did you miss me [writing about the show]? I’m going to say upfront that I appreciated the break like nothing else, and coming back was . . . difficult. Approaching a show from that angle is far from helpful, and I ended up analyzing every little thing, as I am wont to do regardless. But then the tone of the episode, and perhaps the rest of this season, became crystal clear.

2 Broke Girls is channeling the rom-com vibe like a successful séance. 

Fans of the show are well-aware that things are tense between Caroline and Chef Nicolas, what with him having an épouse back in France and all. On the snarkier, darker haired side of the coin, however, Max has not gotten a lot of action in the drama or bedroom departments. A little bit back with Johnny in Season 1, but since then it has been smooth sailing because her boat has not been rocking. The writers’ room has finally decided to amend that issue, but in a way that makes it feel like a Katherine Heigl movie.

Don’t Trust the B—- refugee Eric Andre has been more or less just playing a goofy dude as Deke, more friendly than flirty. This week he and Max bro a good amount, but also get their dough wet together [not a euphemism] as shown in the image up top. Not one to buck rom-com convention she must of course struggle with whether a potential relationship is worth ruining what they have going on right now. She’s not entirely against the idea, though [“I’m not bromophobic!”].

We’re sticking with the formula, so it stands to reason that Deke has another romantic strictly sexual prospect on the side, and that in her indecision Max tells him to go to her. Go to the titular Judy with the Booty [played by the, uh, endowed Estrella Nouri]. Well, Max doesn’t know her nearly that well, she meant “Judith with the Bootith”. She’s sad, as is typical of someone in her position.

Then finally, in the third act, he admits that him and Judy with the Booty never got to bumping uglies, and he kisses Max. In response to a line that really does feel cribbed from a movie called Misunderstandings Create Conflict Between Potential Lovers But Are Ultimately Resolved.

Then they kiss and it’s beautiful, I guess:

And so that’s what happened to Max, and I feel the need to reiterate it if only because the tone is just so darn strong. The other threads [I’ll get to Caroline’s in a sec] don’t exude it that strongly, but overall it really feels like a twenty-something minute rom-com. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but it’s not what 2 Broke Girls has been, even when the aforementioned Johnny was around. Kat Dennings is no Katherine Heigl, is what I’m saying. It remains to be seen how this season wraps up, but with so much emphasis placed on relationships that both female leads have with their respective love interests [I really am excited to get to Caroline] I’d be surprised if this didn’t keep up for at least a few more episodes.

As for Caroline she tries to be angry at Chef Nicolas about his cheating, and later breaks into his office with Max to steal exam info so that the latter can pass. This leads to a few lines that Beth Behrs delivers like, well . . . like it’s her job and she’s very, very good at it. I said it before and I said it again, her comedy game is on point in a big way:

“Max please hurry find the test and let’s get out of here because we shouldn’t be in here and it smells like him and I like it”

“Oh no, it’s Nicolas. I can smell him in the hall. And I like it”

“I’ve missed you. I’m in your office. That’s the only logical explanation I have for being in here”

“Now, kiss me again! But this time lay on top of me so your legs are out of the way. Now go!”

han zaoAnd lastly, before I get to the Stray Observations, I want to take this time to specially highlight that Earl refers to Han’s entrance from the winter-cursed outdoors by quipping “Still don’t know where Han is, but the new Bond villain just arrived.” I need to tell you all that Zao, from Die Another Day is one of my all-time favourite henchmen ever, Korean or otherwise. I mean, dude straight-up has diamonds in his face.

Current Total: $220.

New Total: $252.75 [still unsure of how they’re making any money].

The Title Refers To: Judy with the Booty. I want to talk about how there is a big “but” regarding Deke and Max’s relationship, but that particular aspect of it is never really stressed at all. Sorry.

Stray Observations:

  • Not only are they selling cupcakes and cocoa during a blizzard in the cold [haha] open, they’re selling them at night.
  • Snow actually looked slightly more real than fake, too.
  • Oleg has a chinchida hat. Made from the fur of the last one.
  • Luis is around, and I really dig his “Who Would You Do” gameplay style.
  • “I’m gonna go roll me a fatty; her name is Denise.”
  • “Do you mind, Harry Pothead and I are trying to study-“
  • Max’s impression of Chef Nicolas: “Hello, Caroline, I’m a man but I am pretty like a lady!”
  • “You think she got that thing at a Kim Kardashian backyard sale?”


  • “Move your big ass, we’re gonna burn!
  • Max’s joke that made me feel legitimately uncomfortable: “Like I said to my uncle in the middle of the night, ‘This better be good.'” Yeesh.
  • 2 Broke Girls Cheesecake Menu:

The Hopefully One-Time Section in Which I Tell Professional Comedy Writers How I Would Better Do Their Jobs:

  • Max tells Caroline about how Deke made her “bread wet, if you know what [she’s] saying.” Caroline’s response is “Okay, thank you I’m finally off bread.” I personally think that joke would’ve been a lot stronger if she had made more explicit references to dieting, like “And I thought Atkins was going to be hard,” etc.
  • Sophie talks about how Max and Caroline hooking up would ruin their friendship and “[her] opinion of Max.” When Caroline asks about Sophie’s opinion of her the Polish woman says “Oh, it’s already pretty low.” I would have had her admit that her respect for the blonde was raised, that her being able to land Max was an upgrade.
  • Anyway, just my two cents.

8 responses to “2 Broke Girls, S3E13 “And the Big But”: A TV Review

  1. I didn’t realize it until I read your review but you are correct. They are really pushing the rom-com thing. I’m not complaining though. I was actually really into this episode. I really like Mark, er, Deke and I am pretty happy that they’ve continued to build and solidify him as a central character. I’m just happy every time I see his face.

    I just have to say I am disappointed that you didn’t mention Sophie’s “Don’t Do That!” advice column which I thought was HILARIOUS! Maybe going all caps on that word was a bit much. I regret it, but not enough to change it. Anyway, I thought the moment when she told them “don’t do that” in response to the idea of them together was absolutely priceless. You’ve talked before about how a portion of the fandom is really into a Caroline/Max romance and there are many times in the show itself where I see the writers sort of laugh at that idea. This is one of those times. I enjoyed it.

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  3. I think that reading is lame, honestly…Deke and Max go together as well as bread and butter! If he is not the one, then nobody is. Sure, Max is supposed to be a grl who is nt bothered abt love or any such ‘soft’ feelings, but tht is bcos she uses tht tough exterior to mask her vulnerability- like me and thousands of women like me who r afraid to get their heart broken. Finally she has real feelings for smbdy and she admits that so why is tht wrong?!
    As for Caroline, this episode just explores another side of her character- which is fun and more sexually liberating. Well, a married man or a one night stand once in a while are the things tht make life spicy 🙂 Usually 2 broke grls is not one of my fav shows, but this episode (as well as the next one) was awesome, and has made me a fan!

  4. I was hoping Johnny would continue to come in and out of her life (her “Mr. Big”, ala Sex and the City) and really be her main romantic interest, conflict and all. I think we all expect Max to be promiscuous, but it would be nice to see she actually is a one-man gal, conflict and all. I mean, here we have a girl used to hard times and pushing past them – why wouldn’t she use that mentality in her relationships?

    And let’s not forget the loose end of Johnny having “made it now” (and eating “made it” food, mind you) plus Max having a bunch of his napkin art that MAY be valuable now….PLUS them needing money…. I dunno, just seemed like that was something there.

    • I think that her being willing to cut all ties post-haste at the first sign of trouble [like she did when she found out Deke was rich] is another equally valid mentality for someone who’s lived her life.

      Bringing Johnny back into the picture would be nice if only for the show to make its world seem a little bigger. Most characters don’t stick around for more than an episode and have little to no chance of reappearing.

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