2 Broke Girls, S3E14 “And the Dumpster Sex”: A TV Review


This episode of 2 Broke Girls . . . I think probably the best way to sum up my feelings about this episode, humour-wise.

“So you thought that in your head and your brain was like: ‘That’s okay to say?'”

“That’d be funny if you got jokes.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not this show’s target audience when it comes to comedy. It’s not like I’ve forgotten that, either, it’s just that in the 21 minutes and 45 seconds of this episode I heard five iterations of the joke “brown chicken, brown cow” and that’s four and a half times too many.

And now I’m going to drop that thread completely, because no one tunes into these reviews to hear me whinge about how it wasn’t funny. I mean, this still manages to be a far cry from that one episode with 2 Chainz, so I count my blessings no matter how small they may be. 

Last week I touched on how tonally the show appears to be headed in more of a rom-com direction, what with Max and Deke and the “will they/won’t they seriously, when will they” thing they’ve got going on. Considering that the last time we left those two crazy kids they’d just shared a heavily-applauded kiss the next step was a logical one: Deke asks Max out.

And, as we might expect from someone left jaded after what sounds like a thoroughly horrific upbringing, she agrees. Following some kind of main date event they end up in Deke’s neighbourhood where he lives in, you probably guessed it from the episode title, a dumpster.

Which was actually kind of cool. I mean, cool until he makes the joke that when he said it was green he meant just the colour, because “it’s horrible for the environment.” It’s just one of those situations where the setup clearly takes precedence the logic of the joke. Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to dwell on the humour.

Seriously everything goes well until, in classic rom-com form, Max bails after their very successful lovemaking. She confides to Caroline [who has her own problems going on, what with a murder car’s owner out to off her] that she’s bad at this whole being in relationships thing and, again, it feels like fluffy Hollywood fare. In spite of her assertion that guys “never want to know” he really does, and even proves his devotion to her by having moved his dumpster-home outside the diner. Twue wuv. It’s no holding a boombox over your head [full disclosure, I’ve never seen that movie] but it’s definitely the sort of big meaningful romantic gesture we’ve been conditioned to expect. Looks like things’ll work out for Meke . . . Dax . . . for these two lovable scamps, and at the very least their “relationship” is safe for the time being.

I did mention the murder car above, and Caroline’s B-plot [that’s exactly what it is; she’s really been taking the backseat lately] revolves around her having a car with tinted windows towed and then fearing the owner’s retaliation. It’s generally okay overall, because it is Beth Behrs who, and I can’t stress this enough, is great. Her desire for the company of others for safety reasons almost leads to a girls’ night with Sophie, but it’s cut pretty short. Still pretty funny, though, because wow that Polish woman hates that formerly-rich girl.

In an ideal world I’d be able to write more about the direction of this show as a whole, but it’s really just the natural progression from the last episode. Max and Deke continue to grow closer together romantically, overcoming the personal and external obstacles that crop up. At this point nothing too drastic has occurred, and it turns out their chemistry in bed is just, well, it’s a disaster. I mean, the third time he “only lasted 47 minutes and [Max] screamed.”

It remains to be seen if, when, and how their relationship falls apart, but I certainly don’t foresee it happening anytime soon. As for the other Broke Girl, something’s gotta happen. It can’t all just be flirtations [and occasional makeouts] with the married pastry school prof.

Current Total: $252.75.

New Total: $410.

The Title Refers To: Like I said, Max and Deke have sex in a dumpster. It’s by no means a first time for at least one of them.

Stray Observations:

  • “The one with the tinted windows, AKA The Murder Car, AKA The Murder Car.
  • Caroline thought Rule #1 was “Wipe front to back.”
  • “Well, if you don’t wanna be alone, then why do you act the way you do?”
  • Not having anything even approaching nudity struck me as strange, and really made me wonder about the censorship surrounding the show [Max gets dressed after leaving Deke’s bed by putting her boots on]. I was at least expecting something PG/PG-13, a strategically placed sheet crossing from armpit to armpit, etc.
  • It was actually kind of nice to see Chestnut the horse and Nancy the cat as Caroline’s stand-in company/protection with Max away.
  • Max’s outgoing message is a fart.
  • “My legs! My beautiful legs!”
  • “I’m sorry my brother threw that cupcake at you. He’s gluten-free and upset about it.”
  • “Are we ever gonna do it naked?”
  • 2 Broke Girls Cheesecake Menu: The Return of the Jammies.

3 responses to “2 Broke Girls, S3E14 “And the Dumpster Sex”: A TV Review

  1. waaaat…you haven’t seen Say Anything? Lloyd Dobler is the manic pixie boy of his generation! An icon!
    Plus, once you’ve seen it, you’ll be able to stop giving that depressing disclaimer.

    • The sheer number of “classic” movies I haven’t seen would shock most people. Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, et cetera and so on.

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